Friday, May 14, 2010

Gun Toting “Average Law Abiding Citizens” Kill over a Peeing Dog and Paranoia!

And so the stories about open carry gun laws start pouring in. I wonder if it’s only going to get worse?

The following examples of gun carnage should be a warning of all the senseless, sad, head shaking deaths to come:

rightpundits: Charles Clements, 69, a retired bus driver and former Marine, is being held on a $3 million dollar bond after allegedly shooting his neighbor. Joshua Funches was shot to death on Mother’s Day after his puppy urinated on Clement’s grass. Joshua Funches was walking his 5 month old Fox Terrier, Gucci, on Sunday when the puppy decided to lift his leg and pee—on Mr. Clements’ grass. Charles Clements and Joshua Funches exchanged words over the incident and Funches allegedly walked away. Funches’ mother said that Charles Clements followed her son home, pulled out a gun and shot him once in the stomach. Some witnesses say that Funches said the following when he saw the gun–“Next time you pull out a pistol, why don’t you use it?” Police found Joshua Funches on the ground, bleeding, in front of a vacant home a short distance from the Clements residence.

Officers found Charles Clements in his open garage, waiting for them. He had changed his clothes and told officers: Joshua Funches mother,along with other residents of the well kept neighborhood, are unable to comprehend the loss of a life over a desire for yet another award for best lawn.

Joshue Funches was a bus driver and had 2 children, ages one and four with a third child due the end of summer. He was scheduled to marry his girlfriend in a few weeks.

It’s a mindnumbing loss over a well kept lawn. Here's the video news story below recounting the tragedy.

The one thing I have noticed about open and concealed carry advocates is their preoccupation the evils of society. Their fear and paranoia is an overwhelming influence in their lives, so much so they they are willing to recklessly kill others based on a hunch:

jsonline: A Milwaukee man, Jesus C. Gonzalez, who filed a civil rights lawsuit over his arrests for openly carrying a gun into stores has been charged with fatally shooting one man and wounding another outside his south side home over the weekend. Coincidentally, a federal judge had dismissed his civil suit Tuesday.

Gonzalez but indicates that he called police about 12:30 a.m. to report that "I just had two individuals try to assault me when I was going outside to move my car." He tells the dispatcher that he shot out the window of a car, and one of the men fell down, but he wasn't sure whether he hit either or both of the men, and that he ran after firing the shots. When the dispatcher asked if the men had a gun, Gonzalez replies, "I don't know what they had, but they must have thought that I was not armed."

Police found Danny John lying on the sidewalk around the corner, in front of his black Honda Civic, which was idling and had gunshots to the windshield. A cell phone was outside the driver's door, ringing.

We can thank our short sighted AG for not considering how unarmed citicizens would react to open carry:

Attorney General J.B.Van Hollen issued an advisory stating that so-called open carry, by itself, was not cause for a charge of disorderly conduct, and in the year since, open carry advocates have held picnics and other public events around the state promoting the practice.
I pray my own life will never have to deal with the horror and sense of loss caused by some inadequate insecure frightened bully showing the world safe it is to carry a gun.

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