Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ezra Klein on the cost of Health Reform: "covering 34 million Americans is worth adding a percentage point..."

If you haven't noticed already, the Washington Post's Ezra Klein knows health reform, and this lates piece of information about the horrific rising cost to consumers in the next 9 years by Republicans is really... just bluster.

Third Way, the centrist policy outfit, sent over its own analysis of the data. "The fact is that by 2019, national health spending per insured person will be $15,132 compared to $16,812 without the new law," they write. "That’s 10 percent less spending per insured person than it would have been, according to the actuary’s report."

As Third Way says: "The actuary’s report shows that the nation will be getting a bigger bang for its health care buck. For a mere two-tenths of one percent more in health care spending, the new health care law will cover most of the uninsured and more Americans will be healthier and living longer because they will be getting treatments like cancer care and heart surgery that had previously been denied them."

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