Monday, May 17, 2010

Pelosi Debacle: Tells Artist and Musicians to be Creative, and not Get Jobs. Health care is Free?

One of the main ideas behind universal health care was to free entrepreneurs from working at dead end jobs, start their own businesses, and not have to worry about going without coverage. That was the whole point, besides saving thousands of lives every year from preventable deaths.

But the "supposed" champions of business, Republicans, never got that message. To drive the point home, check out the totally clueless report below. It shamelessly insinuates artists and musicians would game the system by getting free health care, without ever working a day in their creative, hedonistic lives.

Did you know that musicians and artists didn't actually work for a living, or face financial difficulties between paid jobs. Republicans DON'T GET IT:
The Daily Caller: Nancy Pelosi spoke to musicians and the artistically inclined in Washington DC, and instead of telling those in attendance they should get a job, she brought quite a different message: they needn’t bother working, because the taxpayers of the United States would cover their health care. Perhaps channeling her San Francisco district, Pelosi explained that without a job they would be free to focus on their talents, passions and aspirations because they wouldn’t be “job locked.”

Besides having one of the most difficult jobs in human history, artists and musicians would still have to buy their own health care insurance, unless they weren't working. And no one wants to be jobless, especially the "starving artist," who typically work a second job anyway to pay for the rent, food and bills.

Oh I forgot, these are lazy gifted people who fill our world with art and music, elitists! Like energy, finance and health care reform, they're part of a luxury class we can't afford right now, or ever.

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