Saturday, May 15, 2010

Global Competition Solution? GOP Succeeds in Slashing Thousands of Teachers in Every State. Brilliant!

The Republican mantra of privatizing public schools with vouchers and charters is resulting in the slow conversion of many Democrats and minority community leaders to the idea. Watch the video below. Like the Blue Dog converts to the free market ideal, the one that crashed the global economy, we're about to see the same Democratic sellout and educational collapse in the not to distant future.

The research studies are there for everyone to see, the ones that prove the voucher alternative is worse or no different than public schools, but no one seems interested in looking at them. Not even the news media. So for the GOP, it's time to accelerate the dismantling of the unions that represent our best educators, so they can simply gain a political advantage at the ballot box while cultivating an uneducated working class for low wage jobs.

If you've had children in school, than you know how important it is to know who might be teaching your kid the following year. You can learn an awful lot from their proven track record and parental feedback. Those days are gone folks. Welcome to the skeleton crew. Gov. Chris Christie, a vocal critic of the teachers union, has said drastic cuts were necessary to save the state from going broke after years of mismanagement. He withheld $475 million in state aid to schools this year and cut nearly $820 million in aid for fiscal 2011. Many of the cuts were necessary because the state ran out of federal stimulus funds, he said. Schools in Connecticut, New York and other states are also facing major layoffs.

Union leaders and other critics questioned how the Christie administration could talk about its mission to raise test scores and boost achievement while decimating school staffs.

School districts across the state are in the thick of the painful process of handing out pink slips to thousands of teachers to meet a Saturday deadline for telling them about hiring plans for the next school year. Big districts and small are enduring this ordeal. In Paterson, for example, school leaders began handing out 858 layoff notices on Wednesday, including 421 to tenured staff. Paramus gave out 19 on Wednesday, and Englewood handed out 88 earlier in the week. Bergenfield will give out 25 in coming days. The City of Passaic will send out about 130.

Hundreds rally in support of school voucher bill

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