Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ryan continues to Ignore the Final Devastating Criticism of his "Road Map" Disaster.

Peddling his snake oil solution to America's economic problems, using a CBO report filled with caveats and disclaimers, Ryan is convinced no one will notice the final report on his plan. Check it out here.

Give credit to Upfront's Mike Gousha (Goo-shay) for bringing it up, even though he gave the impression the "Road Map" criticism was pure opinion, and not the hard cold facts. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities looked at the tax implications of Ryan's "Road Map to a Dickensian America" and point by point smashed his screwy arguments. Video blocked by Hearts Corp. even though it's news and relevant to the story. And by the way, where are the tea party protesters with there primary candidate for Ryan's job? Ryan voted for the TARP:
Long Island Press Excerpt: Bennett has a lifetime rating of 84 percent from the American Conservative Union, but was targeted by tea partyers for voting in favor of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) bank bailout in 2008.

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