Friday, May 28, 2010

Tom Horne has Been Targeting Mexican Americans for Years.

Could it be possible to have non-English speaking kids in a class where the teachers doesn't understand a word they're saying?

I really don't know, and looking up the teaching style of immersion online, little is revealed. I know this, I sure won't take Horne's word.

Feel free to educate me on immersion class techniques.

Tom Horne fakes innocence in going after teachers by threatening to fire them or move them if they don't sound "American" enough. Ruling through fear works wonders.

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  1. Tom Horne is a Shameless Bigot. He has done nothing to audit the thick Turkish accents of the teachers and principals at Sonoran Science Academies. These schools are part of the Fetullah Gulen Charter schools in the USA. The teacher are brought to the USA on HB-1 visas and are UNCREDENTIALED. Yet Tom Horne picks on the American immigrant teachers you are CREDENTIALED? Makes sense huh? Tom Horne is outsourcing our children's education to a foreign entity.
    Tom HORNE if you are going to audit the public school teachers then audit the foreign teachers at our tax payer supported charter schools.