Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cars vs Human Bodies on Bikes. State Rep. Steve Nass on the side of...CARS.

We have a certified crazy Republican anti-education, anti-life saving Representative in our legislature, and his name is Steve Nass. How crazy? When was the last time you had an elected official defending the rights of a big hunk of steel to go unhindered into the night…and day. The poor car.

The European-styled pavement markers the city of Madison installed last week at the intersection of Williamson and Wilson streets has made state Rep. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, see red. Nass said Friday that he would introduce legislation in January that would ban the bike boxes, which are intended to minimize conflicts between motorists and bicyclists at busy intersections.
When you minimize "conflicts," a bizarre use of the word, your basically trying to minimize cars injuries or death. We're trying to save lives. As much as I hate the arrogance of bicyclists, I understand the issue, and possible solution. That's why this is so weird. Nass has singled out and believes "liberals" hate cars.

“It’s basically about liberal extremists in Madison who hate cars and think everyone should bike to work,” Nass said. “It is basically making it difficult to use an automobile.”
Creating safety boxes for bicyclists makes it "difficult to use an automobile?" You know how hard it is to "use an automobile" normally, don't you? And like all penny pinching Republicans, there's never a good time for spending money and saving lives, especially during a Great Recession caused by conservative free market policies.

The installations are costly in a time when government budgets are pinched, he said.
I would assume that crosswalks, like pavement markers, is just another assault on drivers and what Nass considers a "difficulty." After all, despite a cars advantage over the frail human body, we shouldn't make it "difficult" to use a car. Cars have sovereignty on our roads, and those who wish to venture near them, should beware.

The bike boxes are an extension of bias against motorists, Nass said.
It's a comfort to know that someone is sticking up for drivers, and their heavy steel cars.

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