Tuesday, May 4, 2010

He's not Politicizing Obamacare! Does AG Van Hollen also want us to believe in the tooth fairy too?

Did you hear the one... about Wisconsin's "Attorney General General J.B. Van Hollen (being) involved in e-mail exchanges about filing a lawsuit to block the new federal healthcare law…" for political purposes?

Of course he would have you believe that he is only thinking of protecting you from an unconstitutional mandate of buying our own health insurance.

It's just a coincidence that:
Madison.com: (campaign manager) Chirag Shah was copied on e-mails between staff members from attorney general offices in various states, a GOP political consultant who works with the Republican State Leadership Committee, and Ray Taffora, a deputy attorney general from Wisconsin. The e-mails, obtained by the Wisconsin State Journal discuss plans for states to join Florida in a lawsuit to block the healthcare law, and the deadline for being included on the complaint.

"I wanted to gather as much information as I could," Shah said.
That's all there is to it. It has nothing to do with firing up the base, making it a campaign issue or trying to get free health insurance for conservative freeloaders worried about their constitutional liberties.

It's like saying personal responsibility is one thing, but taking real personal responsibility is another.

While J.B. and other Republican ideologues complain that you shouldn't get something for nothing, they are now whining about not getting something for nothing. Hey, that's why we have charities and emergency rooms right, it's free? Will you take a chicken?

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