Sunday, May 16, 2010

George Will Pushes "Look the other way" Blame Game with Greece. Irony Alert!

The old Republican trick is getting old.

It's the "look, over there" scam, and voters should be aware and tired of it. Their crazy plan to deregulate, look the other way and use voluntary regulation failed, thanks to Wall Street greed. You might call it a "greed hazard." So what do you do when your entire ideology crashes.

George Will would say, like all the other Republicans, "Hey, look over there..."

Greece represents a perverse aspiration -- a society with (in the words of Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan) "more takers than makers," more people taking benefits from government than there are people making goods and services that produce the social surplus that funds government.
That's right, social safety nets did it. How simple was that? Hard core knuckleheads will believe that. Read now how Will is repulsed by the "moral" thing to do for your fellow man...forget that greed thing.
By socializing the consequences of Greece's misgovernment, Europe has become the world's leading producer of a toxic product -- moral hazard. The dishonesty and indiscipline of a nation with 2.6 percent of the eurozone's economic product have moved nations with the other 97.4 percent -- and the United States and the International Monetary Fund -- to say, essentially: The consequences of such vices cannot be quarantined, so we are all hostages to one another and hence no nation will be allowed to sink beneath the weight of its recklessness.

Will, a conservative, is telling us about "dishonesty and indiscipline" of another countries economy. Didn't the Republicans cause the an entire global economic trashing by using these same ironic qualities? But doing the moral thing is a "hazard." That's what we should be focusing on now. The irony doesn't stop there for Will:
Recklessness will proliferate.
Only if we elect Republicans again. Thanks for the misdirection play George, but we're not falling for it anymore, unless you're in a tea party movement.

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