Sunday, May 9, 2010

Health Care Reform Regulations "Confusing" to Poor Hospitals and Doctors. We're crying alligator Tears.

In an article titled, "Health care arms race," the Chicago Tribune editorial attempted to portray the hospitals and doctors as the innocent victims of government meddling. For instance, the first paragraph reads:
"Doctors and hospitals are still trying to decipher what the new health care law means to them."
Like we could ever decipher our own patient billing and admissions papers. Aww, the poor hospitals are confused.

But then the editorial went on to complain how our corporate caretakers won't be keeping their double dip tax credit, a gift given to them by business friendly Republicans, a gift no "Joe Blow" citizen could ever dream of getting. It's tough when corporations has to pay their fair share like the rest of us.

But some big American companies — including AT&T, Boeing, Abbott Laboratories, Caterpillar … lost a sweet tax break. They'll be paying millions more for their retirees' drug benefits, if they keep providing those benefits.
IF they keep providing those benefits? Would capitalism abandon their former hard working employees? Damn right. How "free" do you feel now. And who gets to pick up tab, you and me and Medicare.

Sweet freedom, sweet capitalism.

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