Monday, May 31, 2010

Big Government Mandate in Wisconsin is Telling me to Buy Car Insurance. That's not what the Founding Fathers wanted!

First it was Health Insurance, now we're losing the freedom to go without Car insurance.
Slowly but surely we're losing our liberties and freedoms to freeload off everyone else for health care and car insurance. What's next, regulating Wall Street?

Drivers will want to make sure the auto insurance paperwork in their glove box is up to date before Tuesday. That's when a state law requiring all Wisconsin motorists to purchase auto insurance goes into effect.

Those who can't provide proof of insurance when they are pulled over or in an accident may face a $10 fine, and the law allows for fines of up to $500 for people caught driving without insurance. Wisconsin is currently one of two states that doesn't require drivers to purchase auto insurance … New Hampshire will be the only state without the mandate.

It's estimated that "15 percent of Wisconsin drivers are uninsured," making everyone else pay extra for uninsured motorist coverage. Those freedom loving jackasses are costing me money.

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