Friday, May 28, 2010

GOP Singing Familiar tune: "It's money that matters…"

Despite not having any platform at all, the state GOP picked a challenger to long time Senator Russ Feingold. What is more revealing this time around is the Republican dependence on wealthy candidates. Money buys elections? Is there any doubt? This editorial in the Capital Times says it all:

Wisconsin Republicans … have simply asked for a wealthy candidate who could self-finance a challenge to Democrat Russ Feingold, the poorest member of the chamber. Aside from a big checkbook and a willingness to spend freely from it, the state GOP had no expectations regarding legislative skills, awareness of the issues, and approaches to the fundamental policies of the state, nation and world. In other words, they wanted a blank slate. And now they have one, in the form of Oshkosh businessman Ron Johnson.

GOP delegates were so excited about Johnson’s willingness to pay his own way that they quickly dismissed more serious candidates who had been working to win the nomination for months … the state has never been presented with a candidate who seemed to have so little else to recommend him.

Whatever it takes to win.

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