Friday, May 22, 2015

Walker's 4.4% Unemployment Rate Deceptive; doesn't include the non-participation rate of those who gave up.

Scott Walker's 4.4% unemployment figure may be the result of making it more difficult to get unemployment insurance, thanks to a maze of regulations that could easily frustrate anyone.

But the right wings obsession with the non-participation rate, those not seeking work, is a double edged sword. While Obama's non-participatory rate is a little higher nationwide, he's not responsible for an individual states economic numbers.
The state's labor force participation rate of 68 percent outpaced the national rate of 62.8 percent. 
Just to clarify. jsonline:
Brian Jacobsen, an economist in metro Milwaukee for Wells Fargo Funds Management, said the unemployment rate fell for reasons that are not entirely welcome. Some unemployed people, for instance, give up searching for a job out of discouragement or for other reasons, such as going back to school — and they disappear from the pool of jobless.

"The drop to 4.4% for the unemployment rate isn't necessarily something to celebrate, though it's couched in celebratory language," Jacobsen said. "It mainly dropped because the labor force shrank from March to April."
Not by much, and surprisingly, without the creation of jobs, jobs, jobs. Walker's first four years resulted in a meager 129,131, well short of his promised 250.000 jobs. WKOW:

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