Saturday, May 30, 2015

Walker, Chicken Hawk or Megalomaniac?

This guy still doesn't scare you?
Gov. Scott Walker began a two-day New Hampshire swing Friday by speaking to party activists aboard a sunset dinner cruise on this state's largest lake … told listeners on board that he was not suggesting the United States "go into open-ended excursions" in foreign lands.
"But ... we've got an enemy that's unlike any we've faced before. This is not the Cold War where containment is enough. We've got an enemy that's like a virus. If we don't take it out entirely, it's going to come back even stronger."
At the NRA Leadership Forum, Walker grew even more mad with power. He delivered this fiery tirade, calling for war, and the need for "safety." You know, national security.


  1. We need to keep asking Governor Walker:
    Whose children get to realize your goals, governor?

  2. If GW Bush's policies were the catalyst for starting ISIS, Scott Walker's policies will feed the cancer, not stop it. If ISIS hates Obama - the anti-American propaganda will explode after ISIS uses Walker's manifesto Unintimidated and recruitment goes through the roof.