Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Program to help drunk drivers defunded, shuffled off to DHS for "evaluation."

Pretrial drunk driving diversion grants, used to help get people treatment instead of costly stays in jail, is getting purposely shuffle off to another department to get defunded and then lost forever. Kind of flies in the face of republican efforts to get tough on drunk drivers by making the first offense a felony.

With little effort to hide their intentions, Rep. John Nygren let the cat out-of-the-bag with this:
"We're sending it to DHS. DHS will evaluate the effectiveness of this program. And if it's program seems to be effective, it will be funded."
Sen. Chris Taylor tried to lay a little guilt trip on them, for any deaths caused by their action, but then we are talking about a party of raging psychopaths:
"Somebody is gonna to be killed by one of these drivers who could have got treatment in this program if we don't do this and fund it." 
Here's WKOW's Greg Neumann:

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