Friday, May 8, 2015

Nanny State Republican Rep. Edming says we're all immigrants now....take a citizenship test or you don't graduate.

They call themselves constitutional conservatives. They say they're like regular people and elected politicians, but they're really the most misguide Neanderthal’s America has ever seen. They repeat “freedom and liberty” like its some kind of incantation that will solve every problem.   

To me, constitutional conservatives represent a sick kind of nationalism. It's a Bizarro World version of the constitution. They're also the first ones looking to change it, or devise a way to get around the original intent.

These flag waving phony’s now want to require a civics test to graduate high school, basically the same list of questions immigrants take to become citizens. Really, that’s what 12 years of school is boiled down too?  

Here's WPR's story featuring State Rep. "Jimmy Boy" Edming, the author of another copy cat law making the rounds in other red states:

Republicans could stop cutting education spending and expand our nations history courses. Oh, look who cut spending that cut these important civics and history exams, the Republicans:
Unfortunately, in 2013 the U.S. Department of Education suspended national exams in civics and history for 12th-graders as a result of budget cuts, making it harder to assess whether students are making progress -- and easier for schools to walk away from these subjects. The National Assessment of Educational Progress lost $6.8 million to national budget cuts under “sequestration.”
So they caused the problem they now say the want to fix?

To be perfectly honest, my own two sons have already been through some incredible classes, so I'm not sure where Rep. "Jimmy boy" is getting the impression history is getting short changed. Maybe, just maybe, by 12th grade, some kids have forgotten a few of the smaller they focus on a career!!!

The citizenship test requirement idea comes at the same time another Republican wants to pass a law that makes it easier for parents to opt their children out of school testing. Would I kid you? 
The Hill: Too many Americans don't understand the principles of a free society based on freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. The Department of Education's Nation's Report Card, revealed on April 21, 2015, findings showing students' failure to grasp basic concepts of civics and social studies ... only 18 percent of eighth-graders reached the proficient level, with little improvement since 2010. Without change, leaders of tomorrow — today's students — will undertake leadership obligations in Congress, state legislatures, city councils, school boards and other important venues without the knowledge necessary to perpetuate the constitutional freedoms that have developed over two centuries. 
Right now we're being guided by the worst of the constitutional conservatives, like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas...I could go on and on. 

Is this what we want, dictatorial leaders demanding a state sanctioned Christian faith, guns, positive patriotic history lessons, flag pins, control over our bodies, and free market corporate "people" buying our elections? 
Various states are passing laws requiring graduating seniors to pass the immigrant citizenship test as a condition of graduation, and many states are requiring more civic learning. All states should adopt basic civics requirements for graduation.  
Take the test

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