Friday, May 15, 2015

Walker wants to run the country, but can't run WEDC, part 8!!!

Funny guy.

Scott Walker is taking the E.D. out of WEDC, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Another well thought out scheme by our career politician and governor with his bold ideas. 
“We just met as a board about two weeks ago and Governor Walker as chairman of the board did not present any of these ideas," Sen. Lassa said. "What is the point of having a private-sector board if you are not going to consult with them?
Mr. Big Government himself doesn't need the help, or the differing points of view, to get in the way of his own marvelous "leadership." jsonline:
A week after an audit documenting failures by the state's top jobs agency, Gov. Scott Walker abruptly sought more changes at the corporation, shifting his plans for it for the second time in as many weeks. (Walker) would seek to end Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. involvement in loan programs — one of the key problem areas identified by nonpartisan auditors but not the only one.
Remember, this comes right after the devastating audit and his brilliant "big idea" to merge WEDC with Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority. That big idea included getting rid of all the politicians on the board and absolutely no oversight. Hey, it's another private sector winner. I know pretty crazy. But the media hasn’t found the time to remind voters of just how out of whack Walker’s original idea was. 

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