Sunday, May 17, 2015

Absentee Gov. Walker now compared himself to "Wisconsin 14," the Democrats who left state to protest Act 10.

We're now finding out how the Act 10 protests profoundly effected Scott Walker; in the most bizarre way. Remember when he shocked everyone comparing protesters exercising their constitutional rights to ISIS:
"If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the globe,"
Walker's at it again. This time he's comparing his massive amounts of time out of state to the Democratic Senators who left for Illinois, stopping Act 10 from getting a vote. He's saying it's ironic and hypocritical of his critics to say anything about his time away when they approved of the exiled Wisconsin 14. Not a real comparison, not even close, but his "stand with Walker" voters will repeat it over and over. This continued whining about the protests is ridiculous, since Walker was responsible for starting them. From WKOW:

Oddly, if Walker really wants to make that comparison his own, than here's what one republican, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, said at the time about the Democrats...and apparently Walker too:
“Today, the most shameful 14 people in the state of Wisconsin are going to pat themselves on the back and smile for the cameras. They’re going to pretend they’re heroes for taking a three-week vacation. It is an absolute insult to the hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites who are struggling to find a job, much less one they can run away from and go down to Illinois — with pay.”
Will Walker now stand by that comparison? "Shameful," and an "insult."

Walker's pettiness also extended to Russ Feingold's run for the Senate, saying he was out of state at the time of his announcement. Wow, must have been a bad day for bad comparisons? Feingold isn't answerable to the taxpayers right now. He isn't in office either, and isn't trying to run the state and pay the bills on a desperately short budget that spins off the states biggest money makers.

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