Monday, May 4, 2015

Scott Walker denounces Clinton for making lots of money in private sector. Income control the next target for Big Government Republicans?

I've never understood the level of anger and envy republicans like Scott Walker have when liberals, progressive and Democrats making lots of money. It's as if only conservatives have the formula for success and deserve bigger incomes.

Walker joins the ranks of other conservatives who have denounced the minimum wage, all the while claiming their goal is to give everyone a chance to make lots of money.

Mitt Romney made millions closing down companies and off shoring jobs. I guess he should have been president. But Bill Clinton, a former president, making money doing what he does best, speaking? Outrageous?

Will a "stand with Walker" supporter please tell me why Clinton's speaking fee is a problem for our conservative nanny state busybodies?

Over the top wage envy is clearly a problem for conservatives:

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