Sunday, May 24, 2015

Obama now being blamed for Walker's failed jobs promise...

Republicans love authoritarian dictators. These are supposedly freedom and liberty loving leaders willing to make unpopular decisions that go against popular opinion in order to fulfill a principled belief. There are two "truths" driving the GOP.

Republicans are infallible. Nothing is ever really their fault. If deregulation of Wall Street caused the Great Recession, blame Bill Clinton for supporting the Republican call to repeal of the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933.

The Infallible Scott Walker: Now that Scott Walker has cut taxes, all the while selling every public asset off, conservative supporters believe he too is infallible. Walker is only limited by Obama's failed economic record.

Here's the tweet that caught my attention:

Here's the story this sad excuse for a twitter troll was referencing: 

Despite Walker's plan to kick butt, attract industry, and add a minimum 250,000 jobs, it was Obama's roaring economy that stopped Walker from carrying out his plan.

The truth is scary: Republican voters will never admit to failure; will never see mistakes; will never recognize pandering bullshit; will never see how addicted they are to freeloading off the work of past generations; will always blame someone else instead; and will let their leaders do whatever they want with little or no blowback.

Like Climate Denial: Instead of playing it safe, just in case 98 percent of the scientists are right, conservative voters would rather take the risk...for everyone. Obama's now failing to control the weather and water condition in California? It's not droughts caused by climate change, it's Obama forcing farmers to cut back:

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