Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Obama's GM promise to Reopen in Janesville lie is alive again, this time from Scott Walker.

Scott Walker spewed a whole bunch of BS in a recent gushy interview from conservative talker Dana Loesch. Are you ready for this?

Out popped the old lie about Obama's broken promise to reopen the Janesville GM plant. It never happened, as you can see by the PolitiFact rating pictured here, when VP candidate Paul "Lying" Ryan made it all up the first time:
Ryan said Obama broke his promise to keep a Wisconsin GM plant from closing. But we don't see evidence he explicitly made such a promise -- and more importantly, the Janesville plant shut down before he took office.

We rate Ryan's statement False.
Not only did Walker recycle the old Obama/GM lie, but he also played the victim tricked into talking to the entire MSNBC cast of liberal hosts covering the speech that night.

Speaking of that interview, wouldn't it be nice to see that one again, where Walker is confronted with the same facts presented by PolitiFact. Thank you Rachel Maddow:

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