Thursday, May 28, 2015

Republicans start to dismantle Madison as seat of state government.

Republicans continue to take a hatchet to everything that made our state the living hell its been for over 60 years. Thank god conservatives are finally doing something about it. I can't help wonder how they managed to tolerate things around here for so long. 

The ease of accessing one locally established center for state government was apparently bugging Republicans politicians for some time, because they're now hell bent on spreading state office buildings around, encouraging good old "sprawl."  

I know this may sound ridiculous, almost too hard to believe, but here goes:
Escaping 60's like Protesting Liberal Thugs?
Require the state, whenever it signs a lease, to seek bids or other options outside Milwaukee and Dane counties and prepare a cost-benefit report on possible savings for the Walker administration and lawmakers. That requirement would appear to apply to all cases, including those where a state office location is meant to serve residents of those counties … under a Republican budget proposal unveiled Wednesday.
And what about the cities labor force? Leave em behind:
The move could have a dramatic effect on Madison’s commercial office market, workforce and retail economy. Sen. Fred Risser, D-Madison, a former long-time member of the state Building Commission, said the proposal could cost Madison millions of dollars in lost leases and economic impact from thousands of state employees who live and work here. It could also cost state taxpayers millions of dollars to relocate state agencies outside of Dane County, he said.

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  1. Hate to tell you Fred, and with all due respects, but hurting Satanic Madison is a republican goal. Plus, I am sure some of the new offices in the boonies will be owned by walker friendly donors.