Sunday, May 10, 2015

Walker's Wisconsin number One in Destroying the Middle Class.

I ran across this little shocker (notice the ironic Walker ad):

I didn't expect to see Wisconsin in the list:
1. Wisconsin: -5.7%

The clear winner (or loser) in the race to the bottom has been Wisconsin, losing 5.7% of its middle class households since 2000. Average median income has dropped by roughly $9,000 annually, and costs of living have gone up as well. There have also been many political battles that have not worked in the middle class’s favor. Governor Scott Walker gutted many of the state’s unions — which has a big effect on the middle class — and all signs seem to indicate that he will aim to implement similar policies. Like Ohio, Wisconsin’s makeup was particularly vulnerable to a recession, and the proof is in the numbers.
The other leading killers of the middle class?
2. Ohio: -5.2%    3. North Dakota: -5.1%      4. Vermont: -5%      5. Nevada: -5%


  1. The state of wisconsin was governed by a democrat for 8 years (2003-2011), lost 4.3% of it's businesses between 2006-2009, and failed to balance a budget throughout that time.

  2. You tea party losers love to ignore your own economic disaster, the Great recession, as the real reason for all those jobs and business losses. That's why the Dem record is like that, Republican supply side deregulation failure.

    Dems balanced the budget...what are you on? They legally have to. Yeah, point me to the bubble world right wing propagandists as a news source.

    You're a sorry excuse for a Wisconsinite.

  3. Bill Clinton (democrat) signed the repeal of glass-steagall (de-regulation) which led to the financial crisis of 2008.

    When did democrats balance a budget?

  4. Of course after buying into the conservative theory, Dems figure out voodoo economics didn't work, and changed course. Because a Democrat or two suckered into it, still doesn't make it a part of the party platform. Blaming them and not asking your party to change is your problem.

    The second question I answered, in the state. Clinton brought about projected budget surpluses, Bush and Mitch Daniel's both talked about it and cut taxes based on that. Research, not talking points. Your question tells me a lot about, and that this response is a waste of my time.

  5. By the way,your avoiding the post topic as,usual.

  6. You assume I have a party. I lay out facts. You keep coming up with propaganda talking points (voodoo economics)

    Clinton had nothing to do with budget "surpluses." Just because he signed that bill doesn't mean he was the one that balanced the budget. Republicans did and they only did it by taking money out of social security and other intergovernmental sectors.

    But that was a long time ago. What was your question? Why is wisconsin the number one state for its middle class being destroyed? Check my first comment and then check the mirror.

  7. Clinton signed what bill? He pushed and got a tax increase and from then on the economy came back and saw surpluses. It had nothing at all to do with Republicans. Nothing.

    Voodoo economic isn't a talking point, just like supply side isn't, Great Recession isn't...pointless non-argument.

    Clinton didn't balance the budget idiot, Doyle did, and I indicated that. Legally has to balance state budget. Clear??

    When you take money out of SS you have to put it back. GOP breaks that promise, and is trying to change the rules so it doesn't have to. Crooks.

    A long time ago? Insane.

    Again you're blaming Doyle and Dem's for job and business losses during the Bush Great Recession. You really don't get it. That's why Walker never lost a vote for that lying. Your dates oddly cover the Great Recession. Funny how that works.

    Thanks again for showing us all how Republicans think. Yes, you're a Borg-like republican.