Friday, May 8, 2015

Myth: Obama's Welfare Nation causing Low Labor Participation Rate!

Hanging out at the Conservative Tribune online I found out why the labor participation rate is so low; retiring baby boomers. Look at the graph and years of high participation, it's pretty obvious.(the image was already blurry)

The story itself never made that claim, but instead whined about the participation rate and blamed Obama, saying he was successfully turning the U.S. into a welfare nation.

I'm posting this because I thought it was funny, and because of the blatantly juvenile way they went after Obama:
The U.S. workforce now has the fewest number of laborers since 1978. For the first time ever the number of Americans 16 and older who can work but don’t has exceeded 93 million.

Obama’s plans to turn the greatest nation into a welfare nation appear to be working.

The participation rate in the economy has dropped from 62.8 percent to 62.7 percent, a 37-year low. The BLS determines the number of workforce-able people as those who are 16 years and older. 

But what about all of the millions who can work but don’t? The BLS claims that the largest factor is the aging baby boomer generation (H/T “The baby boomers’ exit from the prime-aged workforce and their movement into older age groups will lower the overall labor force participation rate, leading to a slowdown in the growth of the labor force,” explained the BLS.
Here's the next line, and the lunacy that is the right wing...
But then, none of this should really surprise anyone. Obama has been increasingly encouraging illegals and able-bodied-but-lazy Americans to join the welfare state and let the U.S. government care for their needs while they sit on the couch and watch reruns. And vote Democrat.

Share this if you think Obama is intentionally ruining our great nation by encouraging Americans to depend on government handouts instead of their own God-given ability to provide for themselves.


  1. Loony libtard economics can be fun.

    Aren't you a baby boomer? Now that you're "retired" you shouldn't have anything to be upset about right?’re-r

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  2. Nice try, and your link is a good one, but it ignores one of the biggest factors. Here's the answer I just posted on another post that I think applies well:

    I don't always bring it up in my posts, but as I have mentioned, businesses changed their labor model after the great recession, to a skeletal crew most of the time, and part time help during times of high demand.

    That's now what you call "Obama's economy." It's also the economy for every future president. You of course left out state governors and legislators bragging about their roaring business climate? How can we have both high non-participation but high business and job growth?

    Just think a little before you comment.

    I have not fully retired. My liberal radio talk job ended when people like me were black listed and censored. So I didn't voluntarily retire. Teatards like you have little understanding of the world around you because you have leaders making decisions for you. You are comfortable with the parameters of your confining "bubble" of inane meaningless talking points.

  3. Of course it is a good one because it's one of the only financial sites out there that debunks all of the main stream media's economic lies. You should spend some time at zero hedge and study the information they post.

    Yes businesses always cut back on labor first in times of recession because that is the heaviest cost they bare. We could call it "Clintons economy" or "Reagan's economy" if you prefer, but that doesn't change the fact that Obama has produced a business environment which benefits the large corporations and hurts the small businesses which are the job creators.

    As for your state governor, states can't print their own "money" and are tied at the federal level so of course they are going to lie along with the rest in Washington. The entire system is built upon trust and if they lose that, which they are, it all collapses. That is why there is no recovery nor will there be one until the people change.

    Did you ever think you were black listed and censored because people are tired of hearing such drivel? You don't get a lot of comments here besides me. Blaming scott walker has gotten kind of old. By all means blame him if it makes you feel better, but that doesn't change the fact that you are angry because you are the one that listens to him.

    Ironically, I am only trying to help because I actually have a much better understanding of the world around me than you do. Nobody makes decisions for me. You're the one who looks to government to solve your problems. Why don't you walk away and start fixing them yourself? It doesn't matter if we are talking about republicans or democrats. If you expect the same group of idiots to solve the mess that they created, you are dreaming.

    I keep waiting for you to ask the right questions, but I guess it's more fun for you to blame somebody else for your situation. Now I challenge you... ask a good question. a well thought out question. Keep it simple. Be specific. You're going to have to turn the TV off and do some serious thinking if you want to figure this out. But if you keep assuming you know it all, then your stubbornness has blinded you, and you have nobody to blame besides yourself.

  4. I appreciate the time you took to respond, so I'll quickly correct a few misconceptions.

    Zero Hedge leaves out facts, debunks nothing.

    It's a NEW business model, not the old one you're talking about. Deregulation's Great Recession wiped out small mom and pops, and big box employers. That changed everything. Maybe you were counting on Zero Hedge to tell you what to think. I'll rely on Harley Davidson's explanation and what they and others did.

    No recovery? Then why do anything. Typical. Too lazy to solve problems? What a freeloader attitude.

    Liberal Radio Drivel? Like the endless conservative whining on 92% of all talk radio stations. Not tired of that yet? God you've got to be kidding.

    Blaming Doyle and Obama is way old, but lazy thinkers need that crutch. I blame those who deserve it. They hope that we'll forget how they've failed. I don't.

    After 64 years and countless jobs and professions, yea, you know more than me genius. I'm still waiting for business to solve our problems without government help and R&D. I'm waiting for the private sector to no longer need government bailouts and public services that put out exploding oil trains, clean lakes and rivers, cleanup the air we breath so we don't die prematurely...etc. Yea, who needs government.

    You appear to have given up electing responsible Republicans, because they're all bad. Which explains why Republicans never vote these crooks out and continue to let Walker get away with his incompetence.

    I don't get my information from just TV. I do catch the news, something you might want to try, instead of second hand spin sites.

    Funny thing I noticed, as a former comic book reader from the 70's, your comment here reads a lot like the way super villains threatened mere earthly humans. This isn't Doctor Doom is it?

  5. Well I tried. You're hopeless. And I guess you know it all. Keep waiting okay? Keep blaming others for your problems. That should work out well for you.

  6. Well anon, if you you were so damn successful you either wouldn't be hanging around lib blogs or you wouldn't sign on as anonymous. Your god, mr. reagan, f'd this country royal and created the wreck that is the modern republican party.

  7. Yeah that's it. Reagan is my god. You got me. And you need someone else to blame besides yourself. You still think this is a country? I tend to think of it more as a bankrupt corporation with lots of shopping still.

    Because I am so successful, I have time to try and get through to the rest of you. But it really is a lost cause isn't it? Blame whomever makes you happy, but the only problem with this "country" is the people.