Thursday, May 7, 2015

Obama's Economy forcing 6,000 retailers to Close? Right wing off on another tangent.

My conservative friend really, really, really, really hates President Obama. I can’t imagine why.

So today he sent me the following ridiculous article about 6,000 stores closing nationwide, proving Obama economy sucks.

The stores listed aren't closing because of Obama, and many aren't closing because Americans don’t have enough discretionary money, although that’s true in general terms. Maybe the stores and the "times" have something to do with it?

My friend was quick to blame Obama, but what about all those austere governors and legislatures? Don't they have control of their own economic engines? And yet, they like to take credit for low unemployment and job creation. What about store closings?

Here’s the snarky “unbiased” way the article started:
You’ll never hear the Obama administration pass on an opportunity to gloat about the miracles they think they’ve managed to pull off over the past seven years to get America’s economy back on track. The only problem with that is, it’s not remotely true. If you want a real indication of how President Barack Obama’s economy is fairing, just look to a recent report that shows a coming “retail apocalypse,” with major retailers across the country planning on shutting the doors to thousands of stores due to a sharp decline in discretionary consumer spending.
And who’s against raising the minimum wage? Who’s destroying unions, passing right-to-work-for-less, repealing prevailing wage laws, and forcing people to work for nothing just to get food stamps? They don't get the consequences of their ideology.

And this conservative site is whining about “declining discretionary consumer spending.” Yikes.

Here’s where I’ll step in with the real reason the following stores are closing:
Some of the major retailers who plan on closing at least 10 stores over the next year or so include:

Radio Shack: Dated and no longer relevant today. I love the stores, I just don’t use them anymore, now that I gave up my cassette and reel to reel tape decks.

Office Depot/Office Max: They merged, and are closing stores all over because many stores are too close to each other.

Dollar Tree/Family Dollar: Expanded in a ridiculous way, especially during the years coming out of the recession. Still fun, but not as relevant anymore.

Walgreens: Expanded in a ridiculous way, threatened to move overseas, and internet orders for drugs is picking up.

Barnes & Noble: Seriously, with Kindle’s, e-books, and tablets, do you really have to ask.

Macy’s, Sears and JCPenney: Sears has been having trouble for years, and has improved. Macy’s and JCPenney are “Mall” stores, and we all know how malls are doing.
Speaking of malls, the article treats them like they’re still magical places to hang out.
Most malls around the country sport a Sears store along with a Macy’s or JCPenney and experts are advising not to be surprised to see the doors of many of those stores shuttered over the next year or so. “It’s getting ugly out there.”
Oh, and before ObamaCare, insurance rates were really low? 
So what else is the problem? For one, Americans are maxing out their credit cards far too early into the year and some of that can be blamed on higher health insurance costs (thanks, Obama) and rising taxes (thanks, Obama). (H/T WND).


  1. Yeah the "times." That's the problem. And last year it was the "weather." What's it going to be next year? "Brady's balls" still?

    Certainly there is more to blame than just Obama for this mess. But it is his economy now.

  2. I don't always bring it up in my posts, but as I have mentioned, business changed their worker model after the great recession to a skeletal crew most of the time, and part time help during times of high demand.

    That's now what you call "Obama's economy." It's also the economy for every future president, so it's not a good argument. You want to leave state governors and legislators off the hook too.