Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Undecided Voters; Low Information Still Confuses, Boggles Their Minds. And Mitt's Five Point Mumbo Jumbo!!

I hate these people. And to think, low information voters might be the ones that tip the country into a oligarchic corporate system of labor dorms and part time minimum wages jobs. Hey, a corporate person has to make some money.

Typically these people are conservative fence sitters, waiting for the first pleasant sounding bumper
sticker slogan. Check this out from the Brookfield Patch:
There was even one, lone undecided voter who joined the throng of Democrats and Republicans, but shortly after the debate was completed, said she is now swaying more toward Romney. Leslie Buck of Wauwatosa said, "I was expecting a little bit more and there were times I found myself agreeing with Romney."

Specifically, she said the discussion about Libya was most upsetting. "The Benghazi thing really bugs me," Buck said. "And the 'Fast and Furious.' Certain missteps are hard to ignore, and the decision to bailout GM and the banks was something I personally disagreed with." 
Romney lost that Benghazi argument in spectacular fashion. What was she watching? 

Fast and Furious is another phony Fox News story, and she didn't want to save the banks and auto industry...she's undecided? Really? BS, she another lazy conservative too busy to take an interest.   
Or how about "I have a five point plan?" That works for them too, despite the fact that it's just something he made up by Mitt to sound competent. WP’s Greg Sargent wrote this:
Yesterday, the Post’s Glenn Kessler reported that he had asked Mitt Romney’s campaign to back up his claim that his “five point plan for the middle class” will create 12 million jobs. The Romney camp responded with a series of studies that didn’t do anything of the sort — they literally didn’t support Romney’s actual policy proposals in any way — thus revealing that his jobs plan has absolutely no credible foundation. So you’d think it would be newsworthy that his plan has been revealed to have no policy rationale behind it at all. You’d think it would be a big story that it has been revealed as a complete sham. Yet there’s been very little media interest in the story.

Perhaps this will change things. Today, Obama directly targeted the new revelations about Romney's plan, tying them to Romney’s bogus tax math, and ridiculing the whole package as a “sketchy deal
” ... there is a very real danger that undecided voters will include that Romney is the man with the right plan to fix things. After all, Romney’s own campaign can’t back up the plan’s lofty promises.
Here's MSNBC's "undecided" focus group, where many on the panel believed strongly in that "five point plan." One guy even said that Mitt has the track record of job creation...and Obama doesn't? Women will be amazed at the female response here, where they gave Mitt a pass on fair pay:
"I don't think he really even thought about it," or

"Honestly, I don't know if he really cares, but at the same time like, people need jobs. I mean the bigger issue is gotta get people working first, then we can deal with everything else." 


  1. These thumbsuckers are the people who vote for who they think will win, seeking the pychological satisfaction of picking the winner. They have always been with us and make the difference between a two point win and a mandate, or in this case, the transformation of a clapped-out representative democracy into an oligarchy.

    If you asked, they could probably rattle off the names of American Idol contestants like a 4th grader reciting the fifty states.

  2. I couldn't believe their responses. Did they see the same debate. Yet after Matthews started proving you could see them changing their minds somewhat.

  3. Mouth-breathing toe-walkers.....