Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mitt Romney supporter: "We need a leader, we need a boss..." and Conservative Blogger/Corporatists Steve Prestegard's 'oh well' to Employer voter intimidation!!!

Yeah, so?

That’s the reaction I know I’ll get from conservatives who see nothing wrong with the voter suppression tactics listed below, because they assume they won’t be on the receiving end someday. 

But in fact, they’re already being told by employers how to vote, and of the dire consequences of supporting the wrong candidate. Another words, 'do you want to keep your job and benefits or not?' That might seem like a free market, small government tool meant to spread the conservative agenda, but it also affects Republican employee paychecks and freedom at the ballot box too. 

First a voter suppression list that’s being applied in Ohio is going on elsewhere:
1. Anonymous groups have launched a voter-intimidation billboard campaign to scare people across Columbus and Cleveland—two Democratic strongholds—out of voting. Our media team tells us it's a "saturation-level" advertising campaign that goes both deep and wide, promising prison time and a $10,000 fine for "voter fraud." (It’s also a problem in Milwaukee: Clear Channel Outdoors has … no intention of taking the billboards down. Clear Channel has a “policy to require any advertiser, including political advertisers, to have a disclaimer which identifies themselves” but that “[t]his was not done on this ad, which was a mistake, but we can’t change the contract now and the ads will remain up.” So, the billboards are presented by anonymous.)

2. Ohio's Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted tried to eliminate all weekend and evening early voting hours—and even tried taking his fight to suppress the vote all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

3. Tea Party groups have already tried to purge over 2,100 voters from the rolls in Ohio, including students who didn't list their dorm room numbers on their registration forms—an oversight that does NOT invalidate their registrations.

Add it all up, and it's a recipe for confused voters and chaos at the polls across the state on Election Day.
And that's only the beginning, imagine three or four years from now.

Finally, I have two featured calls on the clip below, from Sly in the Morning. The last call is from conservative blogger Steve Prestegard, which I'll cover more below. But you have to hear the first guy, Dave, who I believe exemplifies the strong attitude of conservative voters everywhere who seem to need an authoritarian "leader." This is the same idea pushed by Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, where “courage” and “leadership” (that will likely do harm to Americans), is what’s needed now more than ever, to remove all of societies economic parasites, otherwise known as the “takers.”
Dave: “We need a leader, we need a boss, we need someone in charge, someone with business credentials.”
Inside the Actors Studio James Lipton said just that on Hardball:

An odd sentiment from an "I built that" rugged individual? Scary stuff:

Steve Prestegard started off with the false premise that employers are simply obligated to inform their employees what the consequences of their vote will if employers somehow know what will really happen. It's outright fear mongering. Funny thing, for the last 70 years under the old rules, they've been doing just fine. What employers are doing now is taking advantage of their golden moment to seize total control.

Prestegard tossed off the concern that employers will retaliate against employees for showing  support away from work, for candidates on Facebook or other social media outlets. How silly?

Prestegard defended the wealthy's fear of a tax increase too, because the rich won't have as much money to spend on resort vacations.

Prestegard also falsely claims when businesses reduce their costs; lower wages, benefits and fewer employees, their product or service will lower in price. Prove it Steve. In fact, guarantee it.

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