Thursday, October 18, 2012

Protesters Silent on Arrests at Capitol...if no one knows what Walker's doing, Solidarity Singers have only themselves to Blame.

Democrats continue their defeatist agenda.

Capitol Police Chief Erwin continues to harass protesters and no real push back.

What in god’s name does it take to go on the offensive? Challenge this in court, before more protesters read stuff like this, and decide they can't afford their First Amendment right to petition the government. I know I'm thinking about it.
Cap Times: Capitol Police Chief David Erwin is ramping up the pressure on the Solidarity Singers, targeting those who lead the weekday singalongs. “They’re coming after people for taking leadership roles,” says Brandon Barwick, who has been the main organizer … Barwick received three citations via certified mail, adding to the five he’s already received, for a grand total of $1,667 in fines, which he’s fighting in court. Also receiving a citation was Daithi Wolfe, who often conducts the well-attended Friday singalongs that take place outdoors. Barwick says police infringing on constitutional rights to petition the government …

Between Sept. 5, when the crackdown began, and Oct. 11, police have handed out 57 citations to 20 people … All those who were issued citations are seeking jury trials, most with the help of attorneys working for free. Observers expect the situation to eventually result in civil litigation, which the ACLU and various civil rights attorneys are considering.

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