Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ryan/Romney Play Victim Card to Manipulate Conservative Voters on Libya.

Exploitation of a tragedy. The Benghazi attack was the opportunity of a lifetime for Republicans, who were desperately losing the national security credentials. Of course they lost that when Bin Laden attacked on 9/11, and when they gave up the search for the terrorist leader. But the myth lived on within the lazy media. The Romney campaign needed to trump up something quick.

With the help of the lazy media, who will always appear balanced regardless of the facts, Republicans are again winning the hearts and minds of the low information independents. Paul Ryan, with his cartoonishly forced puppy dog eyes, took a shot at the embassy tragedy during the debate. Here are the budget cuts and comment from Hilary Clinton on those cuts:

The public might just be voting in what is largely a fake, unqualified candidate and VP for the ultimate goal of one party rule. A win is a win. The details back up Joe Biden's comments during the debate: 
NY Times: Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said White House officials were not told about requests for any additional security. “We weren’t told they wanted more security again,” Mr. Biden said.

-Diplomats on the ground sounded increasingly urgent alarms … embassy security officers warned their superiors at the State Department of a worsening threat from Islamic extremists, and requested that the teams of military personnel and State Department security guards who were already on duty be kept in service. The requests were denied, but they were largely focused on extending the tours of security guards at the American Embassy in Tripoli — not at the diplomatic compound in Benghazi, 400 miles away. 

-Based on Congressional testimony, those security decisions appear to have been made largely by midlevel State Department security officials, and did not involve Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton or her top aides. Patrick F. Kennedy, under secretary of state for management, said at Wednesday’s hearing. “We are not an armed camp ready to fight it out.” “Our people can’t live in bunkers and do their jobs,” Mrs. Clinton said Friday. 

-At American diplomatic facilities overseas, the host nation is primarily responsible for providing security outside the compound’s walls. Inside the compound, the State Department is in charge, relying on a mix of diplomatic security officers, local contract guards and Marines. The Marines are responsible for guarding classified documents, which they are instructed to destroy if there is a breach of the compound. Senior diplomats are protected by diplomatic security officers, not a detachment of Marines, as Mr. Ryan asserted in Thursday night’s debate.

-NY Times: White House spokesperson Jay Carney accused Republicans of hypocrisy for voting against diplomatic security spending, singling out Mr. Ryan. “I find it rich that charges are made about concern over diplomatic security by those who routinely slash funding for diplomatic security to pay for tax cuts,” he said.

-Senior administration officials said Mr. Biden’s answer was accurate because while the embassy in Tripoli requested an extension of duty for 13 military or diplomatic security officers — which the State Department denied — it did not request additional guards for the mission in Benghazi. Moreover, they said, the request did not reach the White House.
Playing the Victim Card (just for good measure): The Romney/Ryan campaign will do anything to “win.”  Playing on the popular conservative notion that they’re being “victimized” again by the mean old liberals, Ryan successfully manipulated voter support for their bold faced lie and conspiracy theory. Ryan even admits responsibility for revving up the anger:
“First they blame a YouTube video and a nonexistent riot,” Mr. Ryan told supporters in Lancaster, Ohio. “Then when the country’s getting upset about it, they blame Romney and Ryan for getting people upset about it.” 

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  1. With the United States intervening in so many countries in it's unchecked Imperial expansion, one can hardly expect the elected Emperor to personally superize each one of thousands of security operations. He has a nice smile and he's loose as a goose, but he's not telepathic.

    It's necessary to delegate decisions --which weapons are sent where, who gets shot, blown up, napalmed and tortured-- to the functionaries of our many intelligence and military agencies. Aren't these professional trigger men paid to do a job? Do they really need the Constitutional attorney to tell them to get their effing guns over to the embassy?

    Forging a worldwide empire is full of unexpected surprises. Take a look at the history of our British cousins. Who could have guessed in 1857 that the greasing of ammunition cartridges with cow and pig fat would spark a rebellion by native troops in India resulting in the slaughter of a fair-haired army? As the bumper sticker says, "Shit Happens".

    You can't control everything. Local uprisings will take place that seem inexplicable to us, mainly because we are ill informed about events in foreign lands. This is the way our rulers like to keep the cannon fodder, ignorant and hopefully desperate for employment.

    Our pundit-whores will smile and tell us everything is going wonderfully in Timbukistan and then one day, the very people we are generously bringing freedom, democracy and sweatshops to, will in sudden fury, burn our embassies with the diplomats inside, drag our dead heroes through the streets, torture and kill our spys, drug agents and missionaries, even the poor PHDs slaving over their NGO careers. Worse, a Hollywood star might go missing.

    But not to worry, soon the election theatre will be over, the hysterical patriotic screeching will end and our regular programming will resume, so that we can once again relax, eat a bag of crap and watch terrible singers and dancers compete on stage before coked-out, moronic, celebrity judges, while "Little Honey Boo Boo" does whatever the hell it is she does.