Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do you believe "businesses are pulling back, out of uncertainty about...election?"

We've never seen so many businesses “wait” till after an election before, to…what, sell or manufacture product? I thought demand had more to do with that? Are we seeing a business movement that uses partisan excuses to push their agenda?  Of course, and it’s amazingly coordinated.

I don’t recall ever hearing this “wait and see” approach before:
Shawano Leader: Aarrowcast will lay off 90 employees effective Wednesday in what the foundry says is a temporary measure prompted by a drop in orders from its customers. Chief Financial Officer Jon Moreau said many of the foundry's customers are pulling back out of uncertainty about the upcoming election and what the country's tax laws will look like going into 2013 (the fiscal cliff). Moreau said customers are not necessarily waiting to see who wins; they just want it to be over. "A conclusion to the election would help," he said. "Having it completed, and having some decisions made by Congress."
So how has President Obama’s policies affected business in general, especially Aarrowcast’s?
Aarrowcast was first hit by the economic downturn in 2009. The company's workforce was a little over 300 people when layoffs reduced that number to about 230. By January 2010, the company was able to start hiring again and gradually boosted its workforce well above pre-recession levels. In June, Aarrowcast began a major expansion that will add to the foundry's melting and blasting operations … increase productive capacity by more than 20 percent.
So Obama’s been bad for business…?

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  1. How can businesses be uncertain? I thought they were all intrepid risk-takers who deserve every break coming to them as they build their businesses by themselves.
    I don't know what everyone is worried about. Scott Walker promised a flood of new jobs once the recall calmed nervous business owners.