Monday, October 22, 2012

Walker Uses Money from Medicaid Program for Padding Budget "Surplus"

While the states Medicaid program, Badgercare, is threatening to lose even more providers due to cuts in payments, Scott Walker is pocketing the bonus money the federal government awards states the increase child coverage.
WTDY: Walker uses federal Medicaid bonus money to pad surplus: Every year, the federal government awards states a CHIPRA performance bonus for increasing enrollment of uninsured children in the Medicaid program. Last year, Wisconsin received a bonus of more than $24.5 million. But according to Jon Peacock from the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, the Walker Administration failed to put that money back into the state's Medicaid program, known as BadgerCare.

Instead, the money was shifted into the general fund and called a "surplus." Walker has been touting a two-year budget surplus of $342 million and a $109 million deposit to the state's rainy day fund, even as organizations that manage BadgerCare threaten to leave the program because the state has decreased its reimbursement rate. 
This is just a preview of what would happen if Ryan gets his way and block grants Medicaid money to the states. That money will not make to the people.

 Amy Barrilleaux talks with Jon Peacock about the issue.  

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