Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rep. Sean Duffy...the excitable boy needs an adult like Challenger Pat Kreitlow.

Former state senator Pat Kreitlow looked like the adult in the room of 200 during his debate with talking point rookie tea party fav Sean Duffy. Nothing Duffy said works in the "real world," and Kreitlow pointed that out a number of times:
WSAW: "In the House, I voted for 30 or more jobs bills that looked to the private sector to create jobs," said Republican incumbent Rep. Sean Duffy.

"No they weren't, they were 30 more bills that would cut taxes at the top, not the thing that's going to add jobs," said Democratic challenger Pat Kreitlow, a former state senator.
Duffy seemed to think the crowd would be appalled citizens would actually save money by cutting payments over payments in Medicare to doctors, hospitals and clinics.
Duffy said, "Sen. Kreitlow supports a plan that will quote save money in Medicare, and they do that by cutting payments to doctors, hospitals and clinics."

"It takes a lot of brass to criticize somebody for something you voted for," Kreitlow said. "It was Congressman Duffy who voted for the budget that included that same $18 billion in savings. He went on to do essentially the ending of Medicare as we know by turning it into coupon program."

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