Saturday, October 20, 2012

Not hiding it anymore, for Scott Walker, things go better with Koch.

With corporate power about to take control, Scott Walker knows he no longer has to go through all the trouble of hiding his tight and subservient connections to the brothers Koch.
jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker is the "special guest" at a New York City fundraiser Nov. 1 that is co-hosted by billionaire businessman and conservative activist David Koch, the Huffington Post reports today. Attendees paying $2,500 can get their photo taken with Walker at the luncheon fundraiser for the New York State Republican Party. Americans for Prosperity, a conservative foundation funded by David Koch and his brother Charles, paid for a pro-Walker TV ad campaign during the recall campaign against Walker.


  1. "Attendees paying $2,500 can get their photo taken with Walker" -- Blecch!

  2. I understand that in fairness to the less well-heeled attendees there is a lottery drawing.

    First prize is a five minute private chat with Governor Walker.
    Second prize is half an hour.