Friday, October 19, 2012

Tommy Thompson Unhinged, Incoherent!!! Baldwin only Adult in Room.

Republicans love bullies, that's why they had Gov. Chris Christie stump for Thompson recently.

Christie must have inspired Tommy Thompson to batter his debate victim bloody, in the most reckless, incoherent drunken way tonight.

In this clip, Rep. Tammy Baldwin reminded Tommy he endorsed Paul Ryan's plan in speeches and radio ads. He also forgot he signed the Grover Norquist no tax pledge. He denied it at first...but then didn't. And best of all, he bashed Baldwin for heading up the Democratic Progressive Caucus' budget plan that, unbeknownst to Tommy, bested Obama's and Ryan's plan to balance the budget sooner, and without draconian cuts. Tommy didn't even know that the tax increases he whined about in her budget were ten year projections, not one year:

Here Thompson bullies his way into Tammy's time to speak, and when she corrects his endless lunacy:
Thompson: "You want to interupt me Joe Biden, just give me a chance." 
The silent studio crowd let out a loud grown. It sounded to me like "What an asshole." Just saying.

But Tommy insisted Tammy received $60,000 in a campaign contribution, which if done all at once, is not even legally possible. Again, Tommy mistakenly thought the whole $60,000 contribution from a group mentioned in the Journal Sentinel came all at once, and not through multiple legal avenues over 1 1/2 years. The group is anti-nuke, and also anti-sanctions. When Tammy accused Tommy of owning stock in a company that deals with Iran, Tommy got a big uncomfortable laugh from the crowd when he declared..."I sold it, I sold it today." Oops, that didn't come out right?:

Finally, Tammy and Tommy got to Medicare. Under Thompson's watch as head of the HHS, he brought Medicare 9 years closer to bankruptcy. Nice huh? Tommy also blamed the non-negotiable drug plan on Clinton and other Democrats, even though Thompson often calls himself the "quarterback and mastermind" of the unfunded Medicare part D plan. Then after claiming he had nothing to do with the law:
Tommy: "I tell the seniors out there, if you go to the drug store and buy your drugs, remember it was Tommy Thompson that past part D to allow you to do that." 
Huh? But you just said you had nothing to do with...never mind:

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  1. It looks like Sheckles the Clown was in over his bloated head in the debate. What a loser. This is what happens when he can't have a drink or two during the day to "take the edge off" so to speak.

    Clearly wishing he had a sloe gin fizz instead of water, the bloated a-hole couldn't complete a sentence if he tried.

    This is the republican party. This is what they have become.