Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Republicans see Hurricane Sandy as "political opportunity," not horrific natural disaster.

To be a Republican, you only have to keep your eye on the political prize; winning. But governing, working for ALL the people and solving problems...that's just an annoyance. They'll complain that 47% of Americans are freeloaders, but then blatantly freeload themselves by relying on pre-written legislation from think tanks and ALEC, that support a purely ideological agenda.

So is it any surprise that the massive devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy is being viewed by Republicans as "a political opportunity?" This is how they think and govern:
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Think Progress: A day after criticizing President Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy in a Denver Westword interview, former FEMA Director Michael Brown clarified his comments Tuesday…he had no substantive objection, but felt he missed out on a political opportunity.

Brown suggested that Obama could have taken more political advantage from the hurricane to squeeze “more mileage out of” the tragedy … “In other words, he peaked too soon.” 
How politically tone deaf of Obama? Don't even get me started on the opportunistic campaign rally's disguised as food drives for hurricane victims, by Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. The Red Cross said they won't take food donations. But Republicans continue to see a political silver lining from other peoples pain:
Newsmax: Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is predicting a boost in the polls for President Barack Obama as Election Day approaches, due primarily to his strong response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. “The biggest change in the race is to Obama’s favor — and that's been this storm,” Barbour said the hurricane, from a political perspective, was “like manna from heaven” for the president.

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