Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rep. Reid Ribble turns his back Kewaunee when Power Plant Shut down, losing 655 jobs.

Hand  it to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin for noticing.

I said over and over here that Republicans are the biggest freeloaders, lifting pre-written policies from conservative think tanks and ALEC and passing them off as their own, collecting  a government paycheck and health care coverage. All for doing nothing. So it should come as no surprise Rep. Reid Ribble just plain forgot to talk to his constituents about the loss of 655 good paying jobs. 655 lost jobs and not a word. Maybe he doesn't want to be associated with the about to be unemployed:
WisDems: Reid Ribble's Shameful Silence on Kewaunee Plant Closing: Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in response to Reid Ribble's utter silence on the devastating news that the Kewaunee Power Station would be closing. Ribble has received $4,000 in campaign contributions from the Dominion Political Action Committee. "The Kewaunee Power Station closing is devastating to the community and is comparable to the closing of the General Motors plant in Janesville.  At least with the GM plant, Paul Ryan PRETENDED to be concerned. In this case, Reid Ribble can't even go through the motions of caring about the people he is supposed to serve. His silence and inaction are shameful."

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