Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thompson Voters willing to Exploit 9/11 to win Senate Seat.

After the last debate, it was clear Tommy Thompson was getting the dumb Ron Johnson treatment; no withering criticism for outrageous behavior, misstatements or lying.

No criticism...none at all, except here. With no media accountability or public blowback, Thompson took the next logical step. Exploiting 9/11 with a lie and partial headline that completely misleads; the yellow highlighted print was not included in Thompson's ad:

Desperate and so typically Republican. Here's the ad:

The Thompson campaign stated: “Wisconsin voters need to know that Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin put her extreme views above honoring the men and women who were murdered by the terrorists in the Sept. 11 attacks on our nation.”

But this is what Tammy Baldwin said on the House floor when she cast her vote: “Rather than offering a bipartisan resolution that unites us on this solemn occasion, the Republican leadership converted the bill into an endorsement of the PATRIOT Act, punitive immigration bills, and other highly controversial measures, which many of my constituents oppose.”
According to, who isn't prone to hyperbole, they found it "false and vicious."

Ed Schultz trashed Thompson:

The people in the ad deserver whatever comments their neighbors level off at them. 

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