Monday, October 15, 2012

If Companies Consider Employees their biggest Expense, Why would we want the U.S. to be run like a business?

The guys with all the money are the biggest whiners and doomsayers.

These corporate Chicken Little's are so apoplectic about a possible tax increase that they've even warned their employees that jobs will be cut and benefits slashed if Democrats got their vote.

But wait, how much anguish have employees had to endure since wealthy Wall Street bankers crashed the global economy? And just as relevant, how have CEO's fared in all of this?

See what happened to a growing middle class after the Great Recession, before and after. For Wall Street, it was just another bump in the road. According to the Economic Policy Institute:

And from 1973 to 2011, men in the more blue collar manufacturing sector has tanked due to offshoring, like the jobs at Bain Capital's Sensata Technologies plant:


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