Friday, October 19, 2012

Hearkening in the new Gilded Age with Employer Voter Intimidation.

Ed Schultz and John Nichols take a look at the latest conservative ploy to take down the country through employer intimidation of their employees voting choices. It's the return of the Gilded Age.

Thanks to Citizens United, such practices are now legally allowed in this country. It's really all over isn't it?

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  1. The Republicans know they are behind in the polls and are getting desperate. Using employers to pressure their workers to vote some particular way is a classic maneuver used during the Gilded Age, as well as when despotic regimes are holding power.
    The Republicans talk about individual freedom, but for who? Certainly not the employees--got to wonder if the Chamber of Commerce and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce are involved in this scheme. NFIB, to whom Romney spoke about this ploy, is much more of a middle class/small business lobbying organization.
    Don't let Romney and business lobbying groups get away with this rotten idea.