Friday, October 12, 2012

Funny (not), Biden overwhelmingly wins debate, yet doesn't. Media still being led around by the Right Wing Whiners.

When Democrats show strength, it's bad, they're obnoxious drunks, and bullies. When Republicans are challenged, they don't like it.

I'm putting a compilation of opinions together that turns Paul Ryan's trouncing by Joe Biden, into a slight bump for the president and "both sides won." Amazing bullshit (sorry, I've had it). Check out what passes for news...forget the facts, forget Biden's ability to destroy purely ideologically based policy from Ryan...look at his teeth?:

Personally, I would have written this:
That clash seemed to energize liberals. A commentary on Daily Kos, a liberal blog, concluded that Mr. Biden “delivered an eviscerating performance” and demonstrated “deep knowledge,” “huge heart” and “brutal honesty” during the debate. “When all those three come together, you get what we saw last night,” Georgia Logothetis wrote on the blog.
With disrespect and spin from the right this is how they describe it:
Tim Miller, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, “You almost can’t blame Joe Biden for being so unhinged.” 
The frightening rise of the authoritarian Republican Party is now bordering on scary, where they are now 'outraged anyone would disrespect' them in public. Seeing Biden trash their darling 'courageous leader' with facts, pushed these losers over the edge.

Here are a few examples of the press crumbling under GOP criticism again, and minor support for Biden and the facts. You’ll notice Rep. Ryan has become “Mr.”:
…at times, Biden's tone edged toward dismissive. In a few instances, he cut off his counterpart multiple times in the same answer. Eventually, Ryan seemed frustrated with the cacophony of the two talking over each other.”-David A. Fahrenthold and Felicia Sonmez in The Washington Post.

But, under pressure to pass the test, Mr. Ryan displayed a proficiency in areas like foreign policy and kept pace with Mr. Biden, who is 27 years his senior.”-Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg in The New York Times.

“Instant polls conducted after the debate are suggestive of something between a tie and a modest win for Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr … My best guess: perhaps Mr. Biden can be credited with what in baseball statistics would be termed a ‘hold’: something a bit shy of either a win or a save and which will probably seem perfunctory with the passage of time, but which might have done his team a bit of good.”-Nate Silver in The New York Times.

Coming out of the debate, the Democratic talking point says Biden got the job done.-David Nakamura in The Washington Post.

And the GOP’s talking point is that Biden was rude. “The early word from the GOP side after Thursday night's debate was that Vice President Biden ‘embarrassed himself’ in the face-off by interrupting his opponent and laughing openly.”-Felicia Sonmez in The Washington Post.

Mr. Ryan at times seemed disconcerted by the sheer blowhard intensity Mr. Biden brought to the night. Mr. Ryan tried to be respectful, listening to the vice president with a tilted head, choirboy smile and puppy-dog eyes, Mr. Biden turned his temperature up, singeing the young man across the table with patronizing grins, but mostly withering retorts. His interruptive barrage was as relentless as his silent mugging for the camera.”-Alessandra Stanley in The New York Times.

@TPCarney: So, yeah, Biden is winning this debate by lying, interrupting, and otherwise being a drunk blustery jerk at the bar.

NOONAN: Biden confused strength with aggression. But he was also disrespectful and full of bluster.”- The Wall Street Journal.
And oddly, slight praise from a conservative:
On radio, Biden was … what’s the word? … Oh yeah: terrible. Impatient and dismissive, punctuated by forced, faked little laughs and peevish demands for more airtime. Ryan’s voice, by contrast, had a timbre of sincerity, even when he was being evasive, But on TV, Biden seemed somehow much better: impassioned rather than impatient, aggressive rather than dismissive. Ryan’s superior poise and courtesy – the sincere timbre of his voice that resonated so nicely on radio — seemed suddenly defensive and weak … On this second view, I was struck most by Biden’s relentless hammering of the points most likely to resonate with voters: the auto rescue, withdrawal from Afghanistan by 2014, and the economic interests of the middle class.”-David Frum in The Daily Beast.

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