Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dumb Ron Johnson tours belly of the beast Hospital Advancing Elements of Obamacare.

The leader in quality care and end of life planning, Gunderson Lutheran Health System in La Crosse,  got a little visit from dumb Ron Johnson.  Lucky them.

Johnson didn't know that Gunderson had a secret "death panel" on premises. In fact, end of life planning (or death panels) was an idea pushed by Gunderson in the Affordable Care Act. From an earlier post:
The New Republic: Gundersen Lutheran ... is a pioneer in end of life care and was leading the push for language in the health care bill that would allow doctors to receive Medicare reimbursement for the time they spend advising patients on advance directives.
RoJo even made this ridiculous statement about putting in place what works and what doesn' Obamacare:
Johnson: "What we should have been doing is taking a step by step approach, taking the provisions that work, and doing that in a very modular basis." 

It would've been hard to expand on "the provisions that work" if there had been no Affordable Care Act, right? What am I missing here? The private sector had decades of free market competition to "take the provisions that work" and implement them, but it's wasn't profitable. 

But dumb Ron Johnson's not a reader either:
"I really do believe that the solutions lie with organizations like Gundersen Lutheran as opposed to a 2,700 page, now 15,000 pages of law and rules and regulations solution out of Washington. The one size fits all solution simply isn't going to work," Sen. Johnson said.
Defeatist? One size fits all works in every other industrialized country, but that's in the real world. It doesn't work in the frightening and scary land Johnson inhabits. 

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