Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Republicans Throw Everything against wall hoping something sticks, like this against Rep. Mark Pocan.

Rep. Mark Pocan's campaign for congress collided with the fabricated assault of a volunteer for the Chad Lee campaign. The Chad Lee volunteer, Kyle Wood, tried to smear Pocan (who is openly gay), saying the assault was motivated by the fact that he too was gay. Just yesterday, Media Trackers claimed Kyle Wood was harassed via text messaging by Pocan's partner.

This is a conservative media campaign portraying liberals as thugs, who in desperation, have turned to violence.
Eight days before the election, a campaign volunteer has recanted a report that he was the victim of a politically motivated assault. Kyle Wood, a volunteer with Chad Lee's congressional campaign, could possibly face criminal charges. On Monday, police said the report, at least partly, was fabricated.

Wood, 29, said his face was smashed into a mirror and he was choked with something around his neck. Wood said he is an openly gay Republican, volunteering with a Republican campaign, and that his attacker made comments to the effect that he was a political traitor. Lee's opponent in the congressional race is Democrat Mark Pocan, who is openly gay
Channel3000's Marc Lovicott pieced this mess together:

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