Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wirch opponent for state senate Stevens delinquent on Taxes.

The Root River Siren discovered this major problem shadowing another “responsible, rugged conservative” candidate for state senate. Looks like another small government freeloader needs the rest of us taxpayers:
If you check out Wisconsin State Senate, Bob Wirch's opponent, Pam Stevenswebsite - under her "platform" section you'll find toward the bottom her thoughts on Government. The last sentence says: "Self-responsibility is what we need to promote."

Good for Pam, self-responsibility is a great thing. So we thought that maybe since Pam was all about the responsibility - surely she must have decided to pay the $21,000 in delinquent taxes she owes the state of Wisconsin. We clicked over to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website to check on the three separate delinquency warrants the state has filed against her. To our surprise, it said she hasn't paid the state back yet. So much for personal responsibility.

When we first wrote about Pam and her accounting troubles back in May, a few people got a little huffy and said Pam's delinquent tax problem just showed she was more like the rest of us - just trying to get by.

The Siren doesn't know about you, but we don't have any warrants filed against us for delinquent taxes...or any warrants filed in general at all. 

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