Sunday, October 28, 2012

Walker, Republicans, Don't Know How to Govern.

Under Scott Walker, but really under any kind of Republican politician, mismanagement and incompetence is all you'll ever see. The sad fact is, conservative voters care more about one party control than good government and their own self interest.

Check out the horrible way Republicans manage assistance to the desperately unemployed. I know they don't like the 47 percenters, but this is ridiculous. And yet, voters who support Republicans won't even be outraged about this:
jsonline: More than 9,000 Wisconsin residents have not received any unemployment benefits for several weeks because of a backlog at the state Department of Workforce Development.

The department's backlog consists of 9,357 claims dating to late July. It could take as long as March to clear it up ... That's creating a hardship for people like Robert Burt of Milwaukee. He was laid off from a construction company in Brookfield this summer and erroneously received one unemployment payment in August, but hasn't received any since then.

Georgia Maxwell, executive secretary of the Department of Workforce Development, called the backlog inexcusable. 
Ya think? Of course, our "small business" manager and governor Scott Walker continues to watch from the sidelines.

Cullen Werwie, a spokesman for Gov. Scott Walker, said the governor will continue to monitor the situation to ensure the department eliminates the backlog. According to the Department of Workforce Development's website, the state generally determines whether people are entitled to unemployment benefits within seven days of a claim being filed, and pays within a week or two. 

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  1. Walker is certainly monitoring a lot of scandals, not taking any action, but monitoring the hell out of them.