Thursday, October 11, 2012

Paul Ryan will continue what he's done to his district.

Paul Ryan has been exposed. In his VP role, the whole nation is now being exposed to his Ayn Randian platitudes backed up by nothing. Nothing but promises based on a fictional anti-government vision. 

Chris Hayes tweeted that the Ryan campaign wants Paul to be referred to as "Mr. Ryan" during the debate, abandoning his title and long time role as a congressman. Take notice Rob Zerban.

But what has he really done? He's destroyed his own district, all the while the state media never questioned his record or theories. New York Magazine noticed and wrote:
The Washington Post reported this weekend that Ryan has opposed bipartisan compromises to reduce the budget deficit. The facts in the story aren’t new. (If anything, they understate the active, crucial role Ryan has played in killing these deals.) What’s new is that the publicly available facts about Ryan’s opposition to bipartisan deficit reduction is penetrating the media narrative about him, which has always presented him as the very opposite. Ryan’s role in the budget discourse was not to be questioned, but to question others. 

If he was asked to comment, it was to express his sadness over Obama’s alleged unwillingness to enact the bipartisan debt plans that Ryan in fact killed. Update: Ryan explains his strategy to a talk radio host, "When you're offering very specific, bold solutions, confusion can be your enemy's best weapon." In other words, when you're specific and bold, your enemy will try to trap you into being specific. Don't let them! 
For an even more in-depth look, check out what John Nichols and Russ Feingold had to say about his record on manufacturing in this state. From Sly in the Morning:

Ryan also couldn't handle a simple question about abortion. Good luck in the debate?:

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