Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dumb Ron Johnson thinks Biden had no Plan, Empty Rhetoric! So what passes for Fact?

RoJo the Clown made an appearance on Chuck Todd's Daily Rundown, and couldn't answer any of the questions. When Johnson whined Obamacare wasn't bipartisan, and didn't include one Republican vote, Todd asked if that same thing could be said about the strictly partisan House budgets votes. But when dumb Ron Johnson has something to say, and "listening" requires thinking.
Johnson: "All Vice President Biden did, it was all tactic, he had no was a tactic to appeal to their base, the Occupy Walls Street crowd..."
The "Occupy crowd,"...just a little behind the times? But I thought Johnson's comment about a standard line Scott Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers used extensively since taking control was a jaw dropper:
Johnson: "(Obama) pushed through everything...remember the famous statement, "we won," that was their bravado..."
Strange, perhaps he was confusing Obama with Walker.

Johnson didn't notice how the fact checkers took the night off on the Biden side. For Johnson to think Biden spouted empty rhetoric, you'd have to be dumb, and completely cut off from reality:


  1. Ryqn presented a plan- what was that - hit the DUMBELLS?

  2. It's astounding that RoJo gets invited anywhere.