Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jason Thompson makes a Great Tommy Spokesman.

Jason has offered us a glimpse at what is said in the backrooms of the Tommy Thompson campaign about our black president.

Jason Thompson said he wanted to send Obama back to Kenya. A big time attorney for the corrupt conservative lawyers at Michael Best and Friedrich, who are under investigation for defying a whole bunch of judges orders to turn over redistricting emails, Jason Thompson was caught at a previous event agreeing with an audience member who suggested Obama go back to Kenya.

Here's Lawrence O'Donnell's well deserved observation, and jab at Tommy and Jason:

And despite Jason's strong perfomance, voters love the "no where to be found" Tommy apparently, by putting him ahead slightly in a new poll. Can't these guys ever do wrong?
Republican Tommy Thompson had 46% and Democrat Tammy Baldwin had 45%, according to the poll by the Marquette University Law School conducted Thursday through Sunday.

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