Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jimmy John's avoids Obamacare by Reducing Employee Hours. Sick People to serve you Food!!!

Would you like a disease with your fries?

Republicans continue to reinforce their new reputation as freeloaders.

The owner of Jimmy John's has decided to go the way of the Olive Garden, Red Lobster and the Texas Longhorn Steakhouse; cut their employees hours down to 28 and remove any chance of getting health care at work.

Yes, I'm boycotting these freeloading conservative businesses.

It's time to ask yourself if you want to go along with their attempt to shift the cost of doing business in your state, to your next premium increase or add to the drain of your state Medicaid program.

Is what they're doing freeloading off the government? As a food service industry, what could be more insane than to have employees, cooks and servers handle food...sick?

Here's \Neil Cavuto's interview, and one more comment below about Jimmy John's helpful family loan to start his business:

Jimmy John's parents loaned him money to start his business. He's so grateful...:
"...and I hope that I can give back to society the way they have..."
Maybe Jimmy John can start "giving back to society," by giving his employees health care? What a loser.


  1. I say organize their employees!

  2. I love Jimmy Johns subs but will be boycotting until their policy changes.

    I would like to suggest an email and letter writing campaign to let them know how you feel (plitely please) about this business decision.

  3. Would it be better if the whole company closes?

  4. I am all for boycotts in principle, but I really don't understand what purpose it serves here...all it looks like to me is they get punished twice, once by the government and again by the consumer.

  5. They aren't being punished by the government. They are trying to avoid being a responsible citizen (they're people, right?)

    When Americans think companies don't owe their own country anything, we're all in trouble.

    1. Really....being a responsible citizen means paying no matter what because you owe it to everyone that your successful even if you go broke in the process. Its called pursuit of happiness not guaranteed. Obama won because he promised more than 50% of this country they deserve to have someone else pay.

  6. You want them to keep their jobs hours, or get sick-care insurance?
    Prepared to pay double what you do now for their products?
    Who else is going to pay for the average $8000 a year employee health policies cost an employer but the customers?

  7. Pursuit of happiness not guaranteed?

    But business needs certainty?

    Do American workers need certainty, or should they live on the edge of bankruptcy due to an illness.

    Nothing it guaranteed, but shouldn't we let people live life and stop making them spend all their time shopping for health insurance?

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  9. I don't blame the owners of these retail places. I blame the government, the President and the health care and insurance companies who are raising prices and making healthcare unaffordable. I am in this position. I am working 4 part time jobs without health insurance. I am thankful that I can feed my family.

  10. The government has nothing to do with insurance prices. If anything under ObamaCare, states can negotiate lower prices for the exchange. The president...really?

    We're now a service economy, you're the proof of that. Part-time service jobs aren't known for insurance benefits. Out of 4 not one cares about your health. Why Americans don't blame business for their decisions is a mystery to me.