Sunday, October 14, 2012

Biden exposes Republican Weakness; Nothing to Backup Empty Policy.

Joe Biden didn't just own the VP debate against Paul Ryan, but he showed how easy it is to debate and discredit Republicans in mid-speech. Make no mistake, what Biden did was set the template for every other Democrat in the country to follow.  It's time to stop the conservative spin machine's disingenuous arguments and phony talking points before they have a chance to take root. When I have filled in on Sly in the Morning, I've stopped guests and callers in mid sentence just to clarify each blatant lie or false premise.

Republicans would like us to get distracted from noticing this important way to stop their propaganda. In the debates format, it didn't hurt to have an actual reporter familiar with the issues to hold both candidates facts to the fire.

The following clips are two of my favorites, among many. First, Ed Schultz presents his case in very much the same way I would have;

This is just an uninterupted section of the debate that I could watch over and over...

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