Thursday, June 12, 2008

War Contractors, Whistleblowers and Taxpayer Money

While Republicans complain about wasting taxpayer money, usually in reference to Democratic social programs and safety nets, it’s never an issue when it involves the military, war and corporate special interests.

Matt Renner’s special report at takes a look at war profiteering, and how the Republicans administration has done nothing to recover the wasted millions for taxpayers.

A backlog of whistleblower lawsuits against military contractors has been swelling and festering since the early days of the so-called war on terror. According to critics, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has blocked the progress of these lawsuits to spare the Bush administration a major political black eye should the truth about ongoing war profiteering be revealed, a charge the DOJ denies.

…Sources who have been following the issue closely estimate that there are between 50 and 70 Iraq contracting fraud cases under seal. Under normal circumstances, when the DOJ receives a qui tam case, it conducts an investigation into the whistleblower's claims. If there is sufficient evidence of significant fraud, the DOJ joins with the whistleblower to sue the company in question and recover the government's money.

Not a single qui tam case against war contractors has been joined by the Bush administration DOJ despite the possibility of recovering billions of dollars for the US taxpayer and reining in war profiteers, who continue to cheat and defraud the government and the US troops mired in battle.

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